lördag 21 december 2019

Make the Galaxy Great Again! - Trump launches US Space Force

OK, I'm no big fan of Donald Trump. Since I'm not american and don't live in the US, I don't really know about his politics, but from the way he acts I'd say he a ravin looney. As president of the United States he is probably the most powerful person in the world but yet he acts like a child, and most of the time seems to act without any consideration of the consequences. When Barack Obama acted with dignity and respect towards other world leaders like a true statesman, Trump throws tantrums and make upp names like "Rocket Man". Half the time he scares me and half the time he makes me laugh out loud.

Whether he's a genius, a total mental case or just living his boyhood dream, for once I'm on his side. I didn't see this coming. Not in my time.

President Trump has officially signed the Space Force into law. For now that means personel at Air Force Space Command from now on will be assigned to Space Force instead. Air Force General Jay Raymond, head of Air Force Space Command and U.S. Space Command will lead Space Force until a chief of space operations is confirmed by the Senate. He has stated: "I'ts going to be really important that we get this right. A uniform, a patch, a song - it gets to the culture of a service."

This is so weird I can't even believe it's happening, but had I been a U.S. citizen I would have signed up first thing monday morning. Maybe I should call France. I hear roumors of them launching something similar, and after all they allready have the Foreign Legion, so maybe they will accept other european citizens for their Space Force.

I've seen a bunch of suggestions online all ready for a patch for the new branch, and for a song I can suggest The Final Count Down by Europe, Ranch on Mars by Galactic Cowboys or if they want something more agressive (since they're a military branch) I'm Gonna Drive My Rocket Up Uranus by The Alien Sex Fiend.

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