fredag 20 december 2019

The Witcher has monsters and witches doing topless magic.

Netflix has launched their sword and sorcery series The Witcher, and most reviewers compare it to Game of Thrones. Well, it has heroes with swords, it has magic and it has monsters, so the comparison is obvious. Most reviewers I've read so far agree that it doesn't reach GoT's heights and some claim it's just boring.

Those familiar with Andrzej Sapkowski's, novels or width the video games his writings inspired tend to disagree. They tend to see the dark humor of the story and the faithfulness to the adaption instead of a generic GoT wannabe.

The same diverse opinions goes for the hero Geralt. Those who have read the novels think Henry Cavill is perfect for the part and and that he lifts Geralt right out of the books. Those not familiar width the franchise thinks his performance is more than wooden.

The Witcher is more of a episode series than a multi episode saga, so the comparison to Game of Thrones isn't very fair in the first place. And it does have topless magic so it can't be that bad.

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